History of the Administrative and Recruitment Organization (ARO)

After the victory of the Persian Constitutional Revolution, civil services in Iran became legal and its former situation changed. The first law of the state recruitment, comprising 5 chapters and 74 articles in 1922 (1301 AH) was approved by the National Consultative Assembly after that executed. The changes in the conditions governing the administrative structure of the country and the need for new laws led to the formation of a group on behalf of the government in 1944 to scrutinize the administrative and recruitment affairs of the country. By recommendation of this group in November of that year, the Cabinet of Ministers, on the proposal of the Minister of Finance, The Ministry of Finance approved the establishment of the "General Directorate of Job Classification" in order to examine and implement the classification of occupations and government services. With the provision of necessary work and organization, the General Directorate actually set off its activities in April of 1955.

The General Directorate was affiliated to the prime minister in 1957, and its board of directors changed, and in 1958, under the authority of the government, it was renamed the Civil Service Organization, deprived of altering nature of its duties. The organization subsequently merged into the Supreme Administrative Council of the country, which was set up under the Decree of 2 January 1961 of the Board of Ministers.

By ratifying of the National Consultative Assembly and Senate of Iran, and in accordance with this law, the Supreme Administrative Council was replaced by Administrative and Recruitment Affairs Organization. The duties of this organization were to lead, supervise and steer the implementation of the provisions of the National Recruitment Law.

And since then, after merging with the "Plan and Budget Organization" on June 21st, 2000, it has been renamed "Management and Planning Organization".

On July 18th, 2007, according to the resolution of the Supreme Administrative Council, the "Management and Planning Organization" parted into two deputies of "Strategic Plan and Control of the President" and "Management and Human Capital Development of the President". Since August 2016 the Administrative and Recruitment Organization was entrusted with the task of managing, steering and determining the policies of the country's administrative system.

Drafting of the Civil Service Management Law, preparation of the bill of the macrostructure of the government and drafting general policies of the administration system notified by the Supreme Leader in May 2010 and preparation of a roadmap for the administrative system reform and its ratification in one hundred and sixty-second session of the Supreme Council office on March 5th, 2013 and the confirmation and announcement of the president, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, on April 9th, 2014 to all the executive agencies and bodies are of the activities of this organization in the years following the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution.

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