History of the Administrative and Recruitment Organization (ARO)


After the victory of the Persian Constitutional Revolution, civil services in Iran became legal and its former situation changed. The first law of the state recruitment, comprising 5 chapters and 74 articles in 1922 (1301 AH) was approved by the National Consultative Assembly after that executed. The changes in the conditions governing the administrative structure of the country...


3/26/2021Alaeddin Rafizadeh: The remote working program of government employees will remain in place as before
1/7/2021A Report to the public: Government Performance in the Administrative System; From government agility to e-government development and administrative integrity
6/10/2020In a meeting with the senior managers of the Administrative and Recruitment Organization of the country, the First Vice President said: The performance and efficiency of the national administrative system must be improved.
1/11/2020Head of the Administrative and Recruitment Organization: we should identify human resource challenges in the human resource structure and plan for reorganization.
12/20/2019Excellence model for human resource management the selected project in the week of research and technology
12/12/2019Vice-president: the history behind corruption cases have to be studies and announced publicly.
11/12/2019 Deputy to the administrative and recruitment organization: Capacity evaluation centers will be established in each province.
11/11/2019Based on the new definitions of offence and corruption in the administrative system the pertained laws and orders have to be reviewed
10/12/2019Deputy to the president: Reforming the administrative system is a perpetual and an unstoppable procedure
6/9/2019The head of the Administrative and Recruitment Organization at a meeting of the countrys productivity administrators: Promoting productivity in the country should be considered seriously in executive agencies
6/2/2019Government supports the proposal by the parliament to separate the ministry of the trade from the ministry of industry and mines
4/14/2019Accelerating the implementation of e-government programs and improving young and female managers` performance
3/19/2019Annually 40 to 45 thousand employees are recruited by executive bodies
3/4/2019Border Cities Play a Key Role in Overcoming Sanctions
3/2/2019The executive programs of the Resilient Economy should be revised in line with the new economic conditions of the country
12/29/2018State Administrative and Recruitment Organization joins International Institute of Administrative Sciences

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