• Deputy for Resource Development and Logistics
  • Functions:
  • Policy-making, setting strategies and public measures or policies for modernizing government in the field of organizational structures, developing e-government, managing performance and promoting organizational culture.
  • Strategic monitoring of how programs and activities are conducted in compliance with policies, laws and regulations in the mentioned fields.
  • Steering the necessary studies and revisions, and presenting appropriate policies, models, frameworks, plans and proposals resting on the administrative structure and organization of executive and macroeconomic institutions.
  • Developing policies and strategies aimed at acquiring the necessary infrastructure intended for the development of e-government.
  • Steering and leading of the necessary studies and investigations related to the establishment of a performance management system, including evaluation and improvement of management and organization performance.
  • Policy making and planning headed for creating and promoting an organizational culture.
  • Planning and adopting necessary measures and setting up effective strategies and approaches meant for exploiting information and communication technology development in improving the processes of accomplishment of affairs.
  • Supervising the proper implementation of laws and regulations in the above-mentioned fields and receiving reports from subordinate units and providing periodic reports to the head of the organization in order to understand the feedback and troubleshoot possible problems.




  • Deputy for Legislation, Parliamentary and Supervision
  • Functions:
  • Establishment of policies and appointment of administrative, financial and human resources systems of the organization in the areas of designing and organizing organizational structure, systems and processes of management, operation and support, management of organizational resources (human, financial, equipment and tools, information and administrative documents and etc.),
  • Implementation of the approved budget and effective management of financial resources regarding goals and missions within the framework of relevant laws and regulations.
  • Steering Human resource affairs in the areas of planning, recruitment and employment, human resource services, education and development, salaries, benefits and welfare, and the retirement and retirement of human resources in the organization.
  • Monitor the correct implementation of laws and regulations related to administrative affairs, human resources and organizational discipline in the organization.
  • Implementing the necessary planning in the establishment of IT management, smartening up the systems in the organization, the preparation and production of the required application systems of the organization, implementation, exploitation, renovation and logistics, maintenance and monitoring of the above-mentioned tasks.
  • Planning and guiding the activities related to the logistics of the organization such as procurement, purchasing and supplying of the administrative needs and equipment, and staff welfare.
  • Planning and overseeing the establishment of a library and operational archive for collecting and preserving valuable historical resources, organizational and managerial documents of the country.


  • Deputy for Human Capital
  • Deputy for Administrative Reform

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