Friday, December 20, 2019 3:37:17 PM
Excellence model for human resource management the selected project in the week of research and technology

Dr. Farhad Alipour, head of the center for system studies and managerial technologies of the ARO pointed out that one of the key policies in ARO is to interact with scientific and university communities, he said: "we are determined to involve academics and the elite in the process of decision making ; in the same line, we have signed a few agreements with prominent universities including Tehran University, Allameh Tabatabaee University, and Tarbiat Modarres university and accordingly have tried to finalize the research projects that are of priority to the administrative and recruitment organization."

He continued the project that was selected in the week of research and technology, "Excellence model for human resource management", is one of the important and prioritized projects of the Bureau for human resource management; this project seeks to develop a local model compatible to the requirements of the public sector in order to establish an integral and systematic approach which provides excellence in human resource management."

Head of the center for system studies and managerial technologies highlighted the importance of human resources and added that ARO as a responsible organization for human resources in the public sector, is planning to develop a local model compatible to the public sector in cooperation with management teachers at Tehran University.

Dr. Alipour stated: "training evaluators of human resources in executive organizations, is included in a paragraph of the agreement with Tehran University and we are planning to train 30 qualified employees of the organization in an 8 hour workshop to help them get familiar with models and procedures to execute and evaluate human resources."

He added: "in fact the Bureau for human resources has ordered the "Excellence model for human resource management" project and having been approved by the research council of the organization, we have facilitated signing the contracts and clarified the implementation procedure.

Head of the center for system studies and managerial technologies mentioned that a wide variety of human resource management has been taken into consideration, he said: "we hope to witness an advancement in the field of human resource management in the executive organizations by implementing the model consistent with the managerial actions and macro objectives of the executive organizations. 

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