Saturday, March 2, 2019 2:43:03 PM
The executive programs of the Resilient Economy should be revised in line with the new economic conditions of the country

The vice president emphasized on the need to review national and provincial resilient programs, and he added: appropriate revision ought to be done in the executive plans concerning the sanctions and problems created in this regard should be made, and new plans should be foreseen.

Head of the Administrative and Recruitment Organization added that during 2011-2012 we experienced extensive sanctions and the impact on the national economy, and based on that experience in the field of a resilient economy, macro policies were first announced and then executive plans were designed.

Ansari pointed out that the most important indicator for assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of the implemented programs in the resilient economy was the resilience of the country's economy against the shock of the sanctions, furthermore he noted that the new round of sanctions has shown that the extent to which the private sector and many of the country's manufacturing units are dependent on oil and foreign exchange earnings? Thus, in light of what has happened, the forecasting programs need to be revised in accordance with the plans for a resilient economy at both national and provincial levels.

The successor to the resilient economy Chief in West Azerbaijan stated: "Revision of the banking system, the formation of new banks with new missions, paying more attention to the native knowledge, especially the knowledge economy, are some of the affairs that can be exercised and be useful to increase the success of economic projects.

The vice president said that we should change our priorities in the provinces, and in some of the areas that we do not want to develop, we need to cut off their incentives and to push our incentives toward the priorities of the province.

The head of the Administrative and Recruitment Organization stated that some of the priorities and orientations of the executive agencies, especially in the area of water saving, should be adjusted to meet the needs of the country, he said: such as the development of greenhouse cultivation, the development of pressurized irrigation, increase of the cultivation of rapeseed and low water products in the province, although they can have a significant effect on reducing water consumption, especially in critical conditions due to the critical conditions of the Urmia Lake.

He mentioned one of the advantages of West Azerbaijan province as agricultural sector capacities and declared: "by employing the native and local technologies and scientific ability of youth in the form of knowledge-based companies or enterprises, the field of growth and mutation of this sector in the province can be provided."

Ansari acknowledged the characteristics of the West Azerbaijan people as an effort and hard work, adding that this particular feature of the people, along with the efforts of the authorities and their day-to-day efforts, will solve the problems and make taking further steps in the years to come. The vice president thanked the governor of western Azerbaijan for having the proper management of the achievement of the objectives of the resilient economy in the province, and expressed: "The effort to develop the province, planning for attracting the allocated credits in the field of creating jobs and devoting considerable time to follow the problems are of the appropriate management of the province in this regard.

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