Tuesday, March 19, 2019 9:03:52 AM
Annually 40 to 45 thousand employees are recruited by executive bodies

Mr. Ansari, deputy to the president, said on his trip to Genaveh: "I have been delivered reports on the situation and demands of the county by Imam of Friday prayer and also social and economic players and will hopefully convey the issues one by one to Mr. President.

He also added that there are three methods of recruitment according to the civil service code: each and every person is recruited in one of the four different modes of employment; permanent employment, contract employment, Specified Work Contract employment, and labor contract employment. Accordingly one needs to pass the relevant entrance exam to be admitted in any of the aforementioned forms of employment.

He continued explaining that the recent recruitment has been based on two objectives defined by the legislators: 1. Downsizing the government and 2. Maintaining the necessary workforce based on the number of employees' exit from the government. Based on the objectives of article 29 in the comprehensive program on civil service reform, it is required to annually employ 40 to 45 thousand people to work for executive bodies.

In his final comment, he added: in the coming year the necessary workforce will be recruited in two phases, one in late spring and the other one in late fall.

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