Saturday, October 12, 2019 8:36:48 AM
Deputy to the president: Reforming the administrative system is a perpetual and an unstoppable procedure

Deputy to the president considered reforming the administrative system a perpetual and an unstoppable procedure and emphasized that this must be a main concern to the authorities of all agencies.

Head of the administrative and recruitment organization, Jamshid Ansari, clarified during Martyr Rajaee Festival: "administrative system is comprised of a set of rules and regulations, management systems and human resources and its duty is to realize the objectives and missions and execute government's and other agencies' plans." He also added that each administrative system persues a final objective and the degree to which each objective is achieved is determined by the systems that guide it.

Mr. Ansari highlighted that the main problem lies in the fact that many senior managers and also executives ignore the tools necessary for this purpose and merely focus on the objectives. 

He also expressed his concern over the long procedures at organizations and added that all executive agencies must pay as much attention to changing service providing procedures.

He stated: we are a structure-oriented nation and unfortunately we do not put as much effort to ameliorate methods and procedures as we focus on organizational charts.

He pointed out the significance of human resources and highlighted that the employees are the main asset to an agency and to realize its duties and missions necessitates double effort in order to create proper organizational culture, human resource training and capacity building.

He finally mentioned: "head of agencies and managers must consider managerial system reform as their principal duty and should convey their ideas to the executives. If this principal is ignored, we will have large and costly organizations which are incapable of achieving their objectives." 

At the end of the event, Mr. Ansari, alongside with the head of economic and asset ministry paid tribute to the chosen winners of the festival. 

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