Tuesday, November 12, 2019 3:35:00 PM
Deputy to the administrative and recruitment organization: Capacity evaluation centers will be established in each province.

Dr. Sadri in a visit to the management and planning organization in Yazd announced the establishment of centers for general capacity evaluation of managers. He also added: "the government is determined to appoint managers in public organizations only through evaluation centers."

He added: "the circular letter on establishment of capacity evaluation centers is issued to all agencies and provinces and these centers are also already established in some provinces."

Human capital deputy of the administrative and recruitment organization argued training and educating the human resources for future professional managers' positions is the objective behind the establishment of such centers.

In the same session, head of the management and planning organization stated: "a data bank containing the information on 126 executive agencies is created."

Hosseinipour also considered electronic government development as a significant step towards administrative change and added: "there needs to be more change and acceleration in this field."

He continued: "based on the current plans, we are about to establish managers' evaluation center for which five of our experts have attended the training courses in the administrative and recruitment organization."  

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