Saturday, December 29, 2018 1:12:44 PM
State Administrative and Recruitment Organization joins International Institute of Administrative Sciences

The International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), created in 1930, is an International Association with Scientific Purpose whose seat is in Brussels. As a non-governmental international organization, its activities are centered on the study of public administration and it provides a forum in which comparative studies – including both practical experiences and theoretical analyses of experts in public administration worldwide and from all cultures – are presented and discussed. The Institute is interested in all questions related to contemporary public administration at the national and international level.


Each year IIAS holds three conferences in three countries around the world, is host for seven-hundred plus delegates, publishes approximately 10 books, publishes four issues of its prestigious International Review of Administrative Sciences (in three editions English, French and Mandarin Chinese), leads and coordinates activities among its ninety Member States and National Sections.


As its vision, IIAS aims to be a key player in setting the governance agenda worldwide and it will influence the global governance agenda through:

- High impact events targeting and involving both public service and academe;

- Production and dissemination of relevant knowledge on public governance;

- Enabling collaborative and strategic projects with members and partners; and

- Accrediting both academic and professional training programs in line with standards of best practices in public management.


IIAS includes four entities:

  • 1-The European Group for Public Administration (EGPA (
  • 2-International association of schools and institutes of administration (IASIA(
  • 3-Latin American Group for Public Administration (LAGPA(
  • 4-Asian Group for Public Administration (AGPA(


Considering ARO's organizational objectives and their correspondence with the missions of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences as an international pioneer institute in the field of administrative sciences and according to the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran has already benefited from the membership in IIAS from 1999 to 2012, the state administrative and recruitment organization is seeking to renew its membership. Based on the memorandum of understanding which was signed last year during the Iranian delegate's stay in Tunisia for IIAS 2018 Annual Congress, the membership will be completed as soon as the financial requirements are met. 

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