Monday, March 4, 2019 8:43:37 AM
Border Cities Play a Key Role in Overcoming Sanctions

Addressing the economic resilience working group, Jamshid Ansari said on Thursday: "The only approach to face the pressure imposed by the U.S. is resistance. Therefore it is on Iranians especially people from the border provinces such as west Azerbaijan to play a key role in this." He continued that in current situation cooperation between economic players and the people can be very influential. Highlighting the fact that west Azerbaijan is neighboring Turkey and Iran he added that the said province can be very effective to deal with the current sanctions by leading activities in fields such as service-delivery, trade, export, and import.

Mr. Ansari Also explained that based on the coming year's budget law, no governmental credit is allocated to projects which lag 50% physical progress. He also complemented that only projects delegated to the private sector can benefit from the governmental supplementary credit.

Regarding rural sustainable employment projects, he suggested more field surveys should be conducted to reach a better understanding of the barriers in generating job opportunities. Having received 2630 billion rial bank facilities, he continued, West Azerbaijan has achieved to rank among successful provinces to have realized sustainable rural employment by creating more than 6700 job opportunities.


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